Dateline: Unforgettable— When Nicole Vander Heyden was killed, what occurred?


Dateline: Unforgettable— When Nicole Vander Heyden was killed, what occurred?

Dateline: In its forthcoming episode, the favored and compelling true-crime assortment Unforgettable will uncover the horrible murder case of Nicole VanderHeyden, a 31-year-old coach and mother of three from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 8 PM ET, the favored true-crime channel Oxygen will air Episode 11 of Season 2. Justice for Nikki, the title of the forthcoming episode, has the subsequent official synopsis:

In a tense interview with the killer, Andrea Canning appears to be once more on the case of a well being tracker that assisted investigators in fixing the thriller surrounding a youthful lady’s dying in Wisconsin.

On May 20, 2016, a shady man referred to as George S. Burch, who was forty years earlier on the time, allegedly battered and strangled Nicole VanderHeyden, a 31-year-old Wisconsin coach. Viewers have been eager to look out out what occurred to VanderHeyden on the day she handed away ever since Dateline: Unforgettable Season 2 was renewed by Oxygen.

Without extra ado, let’s begin to examine important particulars concerning the case in an effort to place collectively for the airing of Episode 11 of Dateline: Unforgettable.

Dateline: Unforgettable

What occurred the night Nicole VanderHeyde was killed? Dateline: Unforgettable

Nicole VanderHeyden allegedly had a sexual relationship collectively along with her 35-year-old boyfriend, Douglass Detrie, whose heartbreaking dying story will possible be lined in Dateline: Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 11.

The couple shared a residence in Ledgeview, Wisconsin, and had a child collectively who was merely 6 months earlier when she handed away. At first, the pair gave the impression to be an beautiful match to their relations and cherished an excellent connection. However, over time, stress grew between the two of them.

They used to typically engage in argumentative disagreements and fights. According to tales, the pair started to doubt their union. On May 20, 2016, Douglass and Nicole employed a babysitter to watch their teenager whereas they went out with their shut friends to see a glam-rock band at a bar.

Unfortunately, the couple moreover had a severe dispute that night time throughout the pub. According to Sgt. Tracy Holschbach, the sheriff for Brown County:

“They had been consuming, and because the night time went on, Doug bumped into some outdated highschool friends that he hadn’t seen shortly.

He acknowledged Nikki’s anger about seeing Doug conversing with a special girl at [the bar called] The Watering Hole. And this basically triggered her.”

Nicole and her boyfriend had a furious dispute throughout the pub, so Nicole headed to Sardine Can as a substitute. She apparently didn’t come dwelling that night time.

Another man named George S. Burch gave Nicole a expertise dwelling that exact same night. The man was 40 years earlier when the incident occurred. Burch coerced her into accepting him, and when she resisted him, he beat her viciously sooner than suffocating her to dying.

After that, the particular person left her physique in a space three miles from the Wisconsin sufferer’s dwelling. Later, a farmer came over her unidentifiable physique.

Her lover, Douglass Detrie, was initially suspected of killing her due to problems with their relationship, however it certainly was later discovered that George S. Burch had actually taken her life. He was given a life sentence on March 1, 2018, and is now doing so on the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility.

Watch Dateline: Unforgettable Season 2 Episode 11, which airs on Oxygen solely on August 16, 2022 at 8:00 PM ET.

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